Setting up Vim

I’ve got a sublime text licence, and if my old laptop had just that bit more memory it would run like a dream. However if I’ve got a browser and a couple of terminals open it struggles to keep going. Of course if a Macbook were to suddenly appear in my life then these issues would go away but I’ll have to keep dreaming a bit longer.

So for my programming project I decided to fall back to vim. Old habits die hard and its so easy to add some useful plugins.

FIrst you need vim installed, along with exuberant-ctags

Then I installed vundle (so its easier to add other plugins).

I then installed and tested out a few nice plugins and a couple of themes before settling on the following:-

  • phix colorscheme –  I swap between this one, solarized dark, twilight and vividchalk depending upon my mood.
  • Easymotion – press \\w and jump about like a badass.
  • Nerdtree, Nerdcommenter – because there are lots of files in the tree to open that are just a :e . away/
  • Syntastic
  • Delimitmate
  • Closetag
  • Supertab (for code completion)
  • Tagbar

I’m pretty happy with my .vimrc so far but there’s always room to fiddle and tweak. I especially like the gnome-terminal color tweak – stackoverflow and google are your friends when you’re doing technical stuff like this.




Spencer Westwood

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