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A Dilemma Version 2 or Version 3 of Cocos2dx

Having just seen the video from the Arm conference where Ricardo talks about some of the improvements to to Cocos2dx in version 3, I thought I’d take a quick look.

First I had to upgrade my version of C++ to 4.7 so I could compile it. Thanks Ubuntu for putting it in a test PPA instead of being generally available. A few apt-* commands later and I’m compiling up the source. At least this time the cmake configuration is much easier to understand. Another recompile after configuring Box2d (why do you insist on making Chipmunk the default!) and the test code is running much faster on my creaky old laptop. Using a later opengl driver has really helped.

The dilemma is should I abandon my previous code and setup and recreate everything in version 3, all the while having to mentally switch between CCSprite and Sprite class names etc. Also a lot of the tutorials are geared to version 2. It might be a bit of a mental stretch too far.

Anyway for now I’ve decided to give it a go and keep up with the latest and greatest. At this rate I might even get out a game before the stable release instead of the beta version.

So I’ll have to go through the same steps again.

  • Create Game Stub
  • Create Repo
  • Create Jenkins configuration.
  • Setup testflight.

All set up!