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Scrapping JVZoo – Gumroad here we go

I’m trying YAPS (Yet another payment system) for a while.

Over the years I’ve tried…

  • Clickbank. Had a whole lot of problems with spam/refunds and integration issues. I still get the occasional blip of traffic but they charge you for inactive accounts and you don’t get paid unless you hit their threshold of 100 dollars.
  • 2Checkout. Lots of issues
  • Paypal – a good standby but integration issues kept cropping up. I used Download Guard as the handler, but updates to php and an expired licence forced me to look at alternatives.
  • JVZoo – to replace DLG in the chain but still going through paypal. On paper it looked like a good win as it had affiliate system in place too. No affiliate sales though and the quality of some of their products has been questionable over the last couple of years.
  • Gumroad. Simple to set up and some things that can work with my own endpoints (although the documentation for the extra customisation leaves a bit to be desired).

The jury is out but for low volume sales I’m eventually going to have to write my own Paypal handler.